Kenzie Takes a Tumble

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14….Count them with me. Seriously it’s already been 14 days since I last posted?! Days are ZOOOOOOOMMMING past. Let’s see how interesting I can make my days sound without actually remembering the small stuff, let’s go!

Thursday and Friday nights from what my pictures are showing me is that I really didn’t do much of anything. I’ve begun to check off all the things I meant to experience while here, so the days seem to become increasingly easier going. It’s what I’m used to so honestly I’ll never complain about that!

In continuation, on the 14th of every month, which was a Thursday this month, Gabe celebrates a fantastic day, her “Dianniversary” and this is a very important day to her. She has made a promise to herself to eat a cupcake every 14th of every month to commemorate the date of the month that she was diagnosed with diabetes. I think it’s a really neat idea and others should definitely start – really so that I can just have an excuse to join 😉 Anyways, we went to a place called Magnolia Bakery. It was a fun experience and happened to be the bakery’s anniversary as well, which means more reasons to enjoy. After this, I really wanted to keep the mushy, gushy feelings flowing so I decided that I needed some puppy bonding time. Lucky for me, there were two stores nearby… I planned this secretly once I found out the location of the cupcake date. I ventured off on my own to two different puppy stores and had the best time with the cutest little guys! I am heartbroken I had to leave them all, especially since their price tags were about two months of rent here, good lord! We met back up to go eat at an Italian restaurant and then went home to settle in for the night. After all, the next day was Friday! YAY!

Friday night was a GREATT time! Natalie, Gabe, and I went to go see a comedy show that was called “Art School Acid Dropout”. If that name alone doesn’t grab your attention, then I don’t know what will. It was different and a fun little adventure. I found the link on the site Time Out NY and this site has been my savior when I have no plans and want something fun to do. Such a good time! We had big plans for Saturday, so we just went home afterwards to get some rest.

Saturday we made plans to visit Coney Island, which I was warned by others was a not so nice place. We were told to go in the morning and make sure to return by 6:00PM. We went bright and early, had some hot dogs… DUH, walked along the beach while some of the group even jumped in (Natalie and Kat, hello!) and then went to see the Freak Show. All of this was fun, but I have to admit, I probably will not be returning. Another thing checked off my list and another Instagram photo, CHECK. After this, Natalie, Kat, and I decided to go even more out of our comfort zones. Let me start this little story from the beginning. One day Natalie volunteered her time at a kayaking place, in turn, she met some locals. Hold on, wait. Let’s be honest, have you ever heard of someone visiting an area and then volunteering their time during it? No? Me either. But Natalie would, go NAT! YGG! Anyways, she met a woman with a very specific job who sparked an interest in trying something new. Alright, I’ll get right to it – we went to a pole dancing class in Brooklyn, NY that was instructed by her new found friend. Pole dancing is honestly the hardest thing I have ever done and it was SOO much fun!!! I would highly recommend everyone try it sometime.

Sunday, all the work from pole dancing hit me hard. I was a lump, but somehow managed to make a trip to Target and Marshalls. Okay, really I didn’t. I took around 8 breaks on the way back home as my little biceps had had enough of my shenanigans. Once home, I stayed put. I rested up and did some laundry for the next week.

Monday – Wednesday, I really decided I didn’t need to be going out every single night so I finally took some days during the week to unwind. I basically went to work, came home, cooked, showered, and slept. Literally only have pictures of a work outfit, a meal I ate, and a screen shot of a text from my little brother, Tanner, that melted my heart. I miss him so much. Clearly, uneventful during those days  though.

After all of that relaxing, Thursday was a very eventful night.  Dan, another intern, was somehow in contact with the people from Beyond Type One, who gave us five free tickets to a charity basketball game. I had no idea beforehand, but this was a big deal. Beyond Type One was one of the charities being represented and by none other than their founder, Nick Jonas. We were allowed in what I would consider the VIP section. Such a neat experience and at the beginning of the day I was planning on doing absolutely nothing again, so this was definitely unexpected. So glad it happened, I learned a lot about some interns I haven’t had a lot of interactions with and about myself.

Friday, I made a random decision to go see Cirque De Soleil and it was AMAZING! I didn’t realize that there would be a story line. I really thought that we would be dazzled with crazy tricks and flexible maneuvers, but the story came as an added bonus! I was completely amazed and once again, got student tickets so the price wasn’t bad. Highly recommend if you are considering a show to see. Made me want to go back to FSU and pursue a circus degree instead of my science background. Physics plays a role right? Let’s do this.

Saturday, I finally went on a ferry ride to drive by the Statue of Liberty and then went to another comedy show at the Comedy Cellar. Let me tell you what, the statue was a great experience, but the comedy show was hands down the best thing I’ve been to. They have a two drink MINIMUM per person and guess who isn’t so experienced? Me. Honestly, did I enjoy it because of the alcohol or the actual show? We’ll never know since the drinks are a requirement and I will not waste money or a drink, who do I think I am? Bring it. Either way, it was absolutely awesome! I plan on returning as soon as I can.

Sunday is the reason for this blog’s title. I went on a hiking adventure after added myself to a group Natalie had going. Hi new friends!  We went to an area called Breakneck ridge and it was absolutely beautiful. I struggled, I laughed, I sweated, I cleaned off in a river, and as usual, I fell. We were in the home stretch after about a 4 hour journey and I stepped on the wrong rock at the wrong time on the wrong incline. I have rock rash on my leg and it doesn’t currently appreciate any contact, but I am so proud to say I did this. I know it was a beginner’s trail, but dang was it tough on my weak, uncoordinated body. AWESOME experience! I’m planning on going somewhere else that my boss recommended in late August.

Monday I of course had work and then had originally planned for a night in, but I walked into work to a new email event – HAPPY HOUR. Oh if I must Outlook, but really these are great events where you truly get to know the other coworkers who are all beyond fabulous. I really don’t like to drink, but just attending is great. Anyways, I went home around 7PM and ate McDonalds ® and Oreos®  for dinner…. I am adulting people, bear with me as I make this transition. Who am I kidding? I’m a child at 22, nothing’s changing.

Today, I am definitely making a trip to the store and then crashing at home. I am tired and so happy that each day is passing so smoothly. I have exactly a month left of the internship, solely based on dates, which is exciting and sad really. I miss my home, my family, and my friends, but I know I’ll be forever bored once I return. Get ready for those posts… Today I went to the beach and didn’t move, or today I sat in my bed and watched movies till my eyes melted into my head. Honestly though, Destin is awesome.  I am so grateful for this opportunity as it has shown me where I should be and what I have interests in.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The first step to overcoming an addiction is admitting you have one, right? … RIGHT?! Did anyone want to reconfirm for me that I’m only getting paid enough to have a place to lay my head at night, not even enough for electricity and food, because this past weekend I ran around with no regard to the funds attached to my bank account. I was acting like I was a girl in a rap video that practically uses money as a tissue.  Oh, $40 for a shirt, no big deal, that is until you buy 8 of them… then continue on to repeat the process in another store or even the same store just different locations. (?!????! *Confusion*)

Friday night was a ton of fun. Natalie, Sarah, and I all went to SoHo and shopped till I dropped… literally… I wondered down many avenues, streets, and stores I’d never shop in just to be able to rest my feet. Finally found a good spot and pleasantly sat until Sarah and Natalie were finished too. Natalie and I headed home and then decided to go to Target for a window unit as the apartment made us feel like we were melting! I thought Florida was hot, but the buildings seem to encase all the heat inside the streets with the thousands of residents and tourists. A big ‘ol mixing pot of heat, sweat, and my tears. Natalie and I braved the night and managed to return with the best thing I’ve ever purchased. This purchase only added onto the fees of the earlier shopping, so Friday was all about $$$.

Saturday came and Natalie and Gabe wanted to go to a museum about the history of Spanish Harlem – little fact about me, I HATE history. Considering this newfound information, I went to meet up with Sarah around Central Park. We walked, chatted, and decided to sit in front of the sail boats, time flew by as I complained and moaned and she acted as my licensed therapist – really needed for a small town girl with BIG problems 😉 . The boats were adorable and Central Park is really a beautiful place even with the drowsy weather we had all weekend. We decided after relaxing so long that we needed some excitement. We both parted ways and got ready for a night of swing dancing! There was an event going on called Midsummer Night Swing around the Lincoln Center area and it was absolutely mesmerizing. It was the last night of the event and it unfortunately was already sold out by the time that we arrived, but we were able to boogie and watch from the outskirts. It was drizzling just a tad and foggy out, but we still had a great time. Sarah danced a bit more than I did, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the event goers bouncing across the dance floors with smiles across their faces. We decided we weren’t fulfilled for the night so we then moved over to grab a drink at a little bar called the Top of the Strand. It has amazing views of the Empire State building and the drinks were just as beautifully delicious. It was a fun, classy night, which I would do again anytime.  Our ideas and plans seem to flutter around just as much as those cutting a rug at the event, but this is exactly how my family is, so it reminds me of home ❤

Sunday started off very slow, but also very productive. I woke up around 11 AM to an empty apartment. I figured that Natalie and Gabe were off doing their own thing, so I decided to just take it easy for the first part of the day. “Taking it easy” for me is really just the process of making myself more comfortable, so I did a load of laundry and cleaned the mutual spaces of the apartment and my own room. Sarah invited me to a brunch event with some other interns that live in her building. I think it’s really neat that her apartment allows her to meet interns outside of JDRF and they were so nice! The food was absolutely delightful, so if you’re in town and craving some awesome brunc h stop by Friedman’s near the Penn Station stop. This is not a paid advertisement, but maybe I should look into that. New job venture?

After this, we went to a little coffee shop and I did what I’m good at, which is a whole lotof nothing while she worked on some secondary’s for medical school. I was going to head home around 5 PM, but then Sarah spoke the forbidden words, the ones that unlock the door to my heart… “You know, there’s a Marshalls nearby!” … OH MY GOODNESS… plans to go home? What plans? I don’t have plans. I also have a lot of money, yes, a ton of money. Let’s go! You think I’m being over dramatic until I tell you that there was a TJ Maxx on the top floor and a Marshalls on the bottom. Is this what Heaven looks like? Yes, yes it is. My heaven at least is cast in Tj Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, and Home Goods signage with billowing pockets full of hard earned cash, just kidding! We were in both stores for around 3ish hours and I, once again, spent far too much money on things I did not need. Sorry mom, I love you very much and will return the favor when I finally get my life in order. Finally, I made it home and prepared for the next day of work.

When we were settling down to sleep, Gabe always before Natalie and I, the phone in the house started to ring off the hook. I ended up answering it to see what was going on as none of us were expecting any guests and it was around 11 PM – y u do dis?! A man was on the other line trying to reach the people in apartment 10, don’t think he accidentally rung us, his plan was to get one of us to go get the people in apartment 10 to answer the door then go get him downstairs. Let me tell you what, if those phones are not alerting your friends, a knock on their door also will not wake them up, but being nice people, Natalie and I decided to just go try. Knock… Knock… long pause…. Nothing. We did this about three times then retreated back downstairs. About 4 minutes later, our phone starts ringing again. It was the roughman, get it? cause he’s not a gentleman, okay, I’ll stop, I told him his friends didn’t answer and that he needed to stop calling. He then had the nerve to ask me if I could buzz him up…. Hold on.. I’m in New York, a fairly dangerous place, I’m a female answering the phone on a Sunday night around 11:00 PM, I don’t know who you are, you sound a bit intoxicated, and your friend clearly does not want to help you or isn’t home, and you want me to press a button so that you have the capability to enter our apartment building? HECK NO!!! I kindly said no and got off the phone. No more calls and a peaceful night of sleep. Moral of the story, leave your phone off the hook at night if you are not expecting guests. It’ll apparently save you a lot of grief in NY.

Monday at work I was able to complete all of the necessary assignments for Vincent’s project quite early. After lunch, I continued on with Michael’s and originally had plans to go home after work. I was beyond tired and the city is really getting the best of me. I say this now, but know once I return to Destin I’ll be bored out of my mind. I need to live in a place where there is an equal amount of relaxation as there is excitement. This program has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and others and I am forever thankful for that. Sarah got my attention and wanted to go see the sunset called the Manhattan Hedge. So, Natalie, Sarah, and I headed our separate ways and planned to meet back up. Little did I know that I’d have such a hard time getting home. 1. Trader Joe’s is NOT a place to be right after work. No matter how bad you want their food. Minus 30 points and minutes for Kenzie. 2. A train delay sometimes can not be avoided, but be happy you have a seat while other stand for around 20 minutes. 3. If the doors don’t open at your stop, do not yell and scream into the intercom – lady in the flowered shirt I’m talking to you. 4. Don’t stress if you had plans for something that didn’t work out. I stopped at a local grocery and settled with some of their options. Made it home then realized how tired I was and opted out of the sunset event. It looked beautiful from the pictures, but doesn’t compare to a FL sunset out on the beach with sand in your toes and wind blowing through your hair. I ordered pizza and hung out with the roomies for the rest of the night.

Today will be just as eventful. I plan to just return home after work and hang out. I need a few days to recharge like a wind up doll. Plans here are never set though, so who knows what could come up!

Robin Thicke is Narrating my Life

Holy cow, it’s actually been nine days since I last updated?! Time is seriously flying and all my days are beginning to blur together.At this point, I am dependent on my pictures to remind me what I did every day of each week.

June 29th, Thursday of last week, I have nothing, but a picture of a “Live Poultry” shopping center, which tells me two things 1. I’m a strange, strange person and 2. I have no clue what I actually ended up doing. I remember making a trip to Target, Marshalls, and Burlington coat Factory, but I don’t recall any of the following events.

Ah – Natalie helped me piece together my memory with her very ornate, detailed calendar, so here it goes. Sarah and I met up in SoHo, because by now we’re the same person and I have separation anxiety (casual) to go shopping – another one of my favorite things, YIPPEEE! Before we actually were able to find each other, my GPS was being an absolute tease while I was getting drenched by the pouring rain. It kept redirecting me and making me walk in very large circles to return to my original location or down a sketchy alley. I finally gave up and tried reading the actual map like a real adult. Somehow I eventually found the H&M Sarah wanted to meet at, an accomplishment for any directionally challenged person. We shopped a lot and window shopped some more and then met Meg and Natalie at a Mexican restaurant to eat. It was peculiarly delicious and what I mean by that is the things I ordered I did not like, but I thoroughly enjoyed everyone else’s food 🙂 . It also had a neat atmosphere with a cacti wall and such, very chic. We all decided to go over to Olivia’s apartment and just let the night unfold. We had big plans to go out and explore, but ended up on the couch. Definitely much needed, I’m not complaining.  It was a lot of fun and I really am so thankful to be here with all of these amazing girls.

Friday of last week was quite eventful and I have numerous pictures to prove it! My boss told me I could have the day off, so of course I took full advantage.  I decided to tag along with Natalie and her friend who was visiting named Meg to a Broadway show called Kinky Boots. I had no idea what it was about, but I love musicals and they had found a discounted ticket site, so why not? The show was phenomenal! It ended with a ton of dancing, laughing, singing, and clapping! I highly recommend going to see it if you’re ever in NY. After the show, we met up with Sarah downtown and ended up going to this unique Japanese restaurant/bar. We ordered our own food items, they ordered a pitcher of beer, and I ordered my own single stout – because I have to be difficult, of course. We stayed there for a good bit, but had a really good time. The restaurant had it’s own flare and even gives it’s patrons a small ramekin of pink sugar after the bills are signed. I wasn’t sure what they were at first, but as we exited, we all took turns making our very own cotton candy! Such a unique, fun way to end a great night.

Saturday was definitely my favorite day! Sarah and I hopped on a train from Penn Station and ended up at Long Beach from 10 AM till around 3:30PM. It was beyond relaxing and beautiful. I had no clue that the beaches in the North could even compare to the beaches from good ‘ole Florida. Once we got back, both of us were toasted and wiped out, even though we had been lying down the WHOLE day. I would blame the sun, but honestly I could fall asleep anywhere and at any time of the day, so I like to call myself a selective narcoleptic. We both went to our apartments and showered before meeting back up for dinner. It was delicious! We ate two entire pizzas…. So one pizza each, not my proudest moment. We channeled our inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but they were too good not to eat! Then we went for drinks at an awesome bar called Penny Farthing. I highly recommend this smashing place for any young adults just trying to grab a quick drink.  Basically we slept, drank, and ate our weight to complete our day. Can you tell these are my favorite things to do yet?

Sunday was another very relaxing, enjoyable day! I did some work from home and then managed to pry myself from my tempurpedic bed (oooohhh, aaaaahhh, yes these came with the apartment). Sarah and I then met up in Union Square and decided to eat at this nice little Coffee Shop. The food was delicious and fast! We were able to walk into a movie 5 minutes before it started having only arrived and eaten 30 minutes earlier. We saw “Me Before You”, not my typical type of movie – really because I’m a cry baby, but it was great. I will however warn those who come to NY and go see movies, a ticket is $16.00. You know back in FL I used to complain about $13.75 tickets for IMAX, never again! I will be able to actually enjoy those “expensive” movies knowing that the poor, emphasis on poor, people living and visiting NY are in a financial crisis because they’re the ones really paying the actor’s salaries.

Monday was a holiday, July 4th, so we were allowed a day off from work. YAY! This marked the second year that I was away from home for this holiday and each year it gets a little harder. I love holidays as my family rarely gets together and holidays make for a great excuse to drag ourselves all to the same location. With that being said, this 4th was way better than I expected. Surprise!!!! Sarah and I met up again, but this time along the Hudson River. We were wondering around looking for some directions when we stumbled upon a restaurant/bar on a boat. It was so cute that we had to stop and get a drink. Still not 100% sure if I was swaying because of the waters below or the drink, but it was great! We finally found where our original activity planned for the day. Now for the fun(ner) part, we went kayaking on the river, but get this, it was all completely free. New York has some awesome advantages and that’s one of them. We were there for only about 45 minutes, but we plan to go again and it was a lot of fun. Remember if you go anytime soon that the curved side of the paddle should point towards you – I was reprimanded on this slight fact. I for some reason didn’t anticipate getting wet… or that I’d need insulin as I’m a Juvenile Diabetic, typical Kenzie thing. Hmph. I ran out of Novolog and we were both pretty damp so we decided to split ways to change and get ready for the night. When we met back up, it wasn’t just Sarah and I ,woohooo we have other friends. Sarah brought a friend named Kathleen and Gabe flew back in and met us at a place called the Brazen Fox. IT WAS AMAZING. Definitely my favorite place to eat so far. We then scurried around finding a place to watch the fireworks and ended up in a spot under the Brooklyn Bridge. We then all went home to prepare for work in the morning. Great evening with such great people!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and even today have been very busy at work. I have had the pleasure of attending many meetings and constantly moving, which makes the day time away from you. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings I went home and explored the act of “chilling out”. Thursday evening we went to a UCB stand up comedy show and it was a lot of fun. Not sure if I laughed more because of the awkwardness or the jokes, but I laughed nonetheless.Today is a short day at work, so once I get off I believe I’m going to go to SoHo to do some shopping… nothing’s new except my bank statement.

This week I have really opposed the phrase “the city never sleeps.  I say this because I have been really digging the new and improved phrase I just imagined up “the city never sleeps, but Kenzie loves to so she does what she wants”.  This past weekend and week were very relaxing and exciting, I can’t wait to see what the next 7 weeks have in store for me.

There’s a First Time for Everything Really Just Means it’s okay to be Unexperienced

This past week has been one of many firsts. My first full week of work, my first free ballet experience, my first Nordstrom rack experience (I know, how?), my first weekend spent in NY, my first NY roof top experience, my first museum in NY, my first time spent alone in Times Square, my first Pride experience, and finally, my first I’m much too old to be in this bar experience. Needless to say, I have had so many unbelievable pit stops during my short journey here.

My last post was only 4 days ago, but I feel like I’ve already lost so many details of the past few days. To start, after work on Friday my two roommates, another research intern, Sarah, and I all went to a nice little Spain inspired restaurant. It was very symbolic to me as I had left for Valencia, Spain the very same day last year. It was a unique time as mine and Natalie’s blood sugars were quite low, so the ease and slow pace of the restaurant was not cutting it. I’m unsure if it’s because I’m in a different place and adjusting, but it seems like my parasympathetic responses to my blood sugars are changing daily, so I never seem to know where I’m at or if I’m truly okay. Maybe this will lead to a better A1C? Mom, don’t get your hopes up.

Next, we went to the Magnum Ice Cream shop, as another coworker had mentioned how awesome it was the day before. Magnum really makes such a simple task an art form and let me tell you, we all ate it so quickly I’m surprised we managed to take some pictures beforehand.  It was Sarah’s 21st birthday, so we eventually split up to go get ready and then meet back up later in the evening for some drinks.

Gabe, Natalie, and I all went home to freshen up and throw on some heels. I highly recommend not doing this without bringing a change of shoes. I was miserable by the end of the night, with blisters and swollen feet. We then went to Central Park to watch a free ballet performance. We only arrived 10 minutes before it was over, but what we watched of it looked wonderful and we got pretty good seats – probably because it was over, but I’m learning to look at the positives! We moseyed on over to Times Square and went to eat at a pub with two other interns, Maribeth and Olivia. It was a lot of fun and great food. We all realized how in love with pickles we were and well, boys and boyfriends or the thought of them at least.

We then went back to Olivia’s sister’s place near Times Square or maybe even in it… I still am very lost and am slowly piecing the puzzle together. She has this awesome roof with amazing views, so we climbed the extra two flights of stairs with wine in tow. It was absolutely beautiful, but being a Floridian means that I was very, very cold. NY isn’t technically even cold around this time of year, but I seem to be cold no matter where I find myself. The cold air from a fridge and the air from a dryer are no different to me. I require furry socks, fuzzy sweat pants, and a hoodie at all times, but I, regretfully, am a slave to fashion so in turn, too little cloth and goose bumps are common compliments to my outfits.

After this, we made our way to the Union Square area to find the birthday girl! We couldn’t get into the “right” bar, as two of the interns are under 21, so instead, we settled for the one next door. I have never felt older in my entire life, I practically felt like I deserved my licensed revoked and needed to apply anti-wrinkle cream ASAP. Finally, we left and reconvened at Sarah’s friend’s apartment. When we finally headed home it was around 3:30 AM, but we made it with no harm other than the damage done to my feet, which I feel is a huge accomplishment.

Saturday was just as awesome and event filled. I love living with Gabe and Natalie as we all have our separate interests and aren’t offended if someone wants to do their own thing instead. I am not a reader, not by any standard, even required books I normally search online and find a good synopsis. Gabe and Natalie are quite the opposite. They even sometimes read on the fast moving, unsteady subways… YIKES! They headed over to the NY Public Library, while I went and explored the exhibit in the Discovery Museum called Body Worlds. I had an amazing time and learned a great deal. There are over 200 different parts of different people, people who had dreams and aspirations… and sometimes smoked too much, and each one display was amazing in its own right.

Later in the evening, I met back up with my room mates after making a few friends in Times Square and also making some enemies. I repeat this little diddy to myself every morning: I shall not look at my GPS while walking anywhere again. And I know what you’re now thinking, no I was not in his way nor did I bump into him. He literally plucked me from the sea of confused and excited tourists to tell me to get off of my phone like I should memorize where I’m going. We then headed to see a friend of mine’s play in Time Square. It was a very cool setup and even cooler to see someone you know as a main character. We then decided to all go get dinner together at a Chinese restaurant Corbin recommended. I didn’t know it going in, but I walked out about 3 hours later with my cheeks and mouth aching from laughing and smiling the whole time.  It was awesome to catch up and reminisce about our young and stupid days. Unfortunately, now Gabe and Natalie probably think Destin is a place for the mentally insane.

Sunday started off very slow. Natalie went to join some friends for the Pride Parade, while Gabe and I channeled our inner sloths and showed up a few hours later. Natalie was able to be in the parade, so Gabe and I did our own thing. Our own thing sounds sort of like we had it together, but we most definitely didn’t. We first showed up and of course saw Nordstrom Rack. Gabe was a brave warrior as she chose to dive into the shopping experience with someone who could shop literally every second of every day if the funds were in place. Gabe hates shopping, but she definitely made a monster out of me as I had never been to the well-known shopping empire. I left with the most expensive skirt I will ever own, but also my most favorite one. We then got rerouted a few times due to all the parade goers and missed our puppy store opportunity as we were barricaded to one side of the street, while the precious fur balls were on the other.

We decided to take it easy and ended up back home around 630 PM. I was so happy about this as living in the city offers so much that it’s almost exhausting if you’re a homebody. We stayed in for the night and it was so relaxing. Natalie showed back up around 930 PM and I only wish I had her amount of energy. I feel so lazy saying I loved getting back so early, but I definitely needed time to rest and recharge. I’m a good listener too, so any experience I miss out on will be lived on through their stories and excitement, which is awesome to see.

Monday came and went. We started the work week back up and I dug back into my two projects. Michael wasn’t in the office, so I sort of felt like a lost puppy since as my previous posts have stated there’s no way I can make my own decisions and be a responsible adult ;). I am one of those workers who needs constant supervision, because I’m consistently second guessing my work. I am a really hard working individual and I really want things perfect. I bought my plane ticket home for after the internship and it honestly feels bitter-sweet. I’ll be heading out the last possible day, August 31st around 12:59 PM. Can’t wait to find out what surprises this flight has in store for me, just kidding, I made sure not tobook Delta again.American Airlines please me good to me!

Tuesday has been going quite well considering my “owner” made his way back home. We had a very long meeting this morning and since then I’ve been working on my projects. I love having the blog as a requirement as it allows me to reflect on all of my wacky, unplanned experiences that normally I’d learn to forget.

Here are some interesting questions the roomies and I have tried to explore. If you know any of the answers please indulge me in a comment or message on Facebook. Our minds seem to be like rats on a wheel… we get really hooked on some thought and google till our hearts content or our feet get caught up beneath us, we spin off, and do a couple back flips till we reach the ground.

  1. Do deaf drivers get pulled over for signing and driving?

I have deaf friends that I plan to ask, but I was curious if it was considered distracted driving. Can you imagine doing both, props to you all. I can’t even hold a fork and knife correctly, let alone convey my emotions through beautiful, hand drawn language and facial expressions.

  1. Is there a place where people can buy only one shoe if they lose another or if they don’t require both shoes?

Gabe has this issue. She’s lost 3 left shoes of 3 different sets. We had a close call last night as she misplaced it for a brief amount of time in a restaurant, so this one is a top priority!

  1. Why are red headed people referred to as “gingers” if ginger is not red at all unless it’s boiled?

We searched for this thought on Google. We came up with a few various answers, one which says it’s really the outside of the ginger that resembles their skin tone – didn’t keep the source nor am I sure how reliable it is, my apologies.

Regardless, I’d love the answer to all of these questions and really hope I do not offend anyone. Our roommate experience so far has been laugh-filled and teaches me something new every day.

Tonight most of the interns bought tickets to go see the Sleeping Beauty ballet. We’re all very excited and this will be another first for me. Hopefully, I’ll return more graceful and eloquent.

Moo Thunder will be my Stage Name when I’m a Burger Chef/DIY with junk Blogger


From this collection of pictures you can see 1. I LOVE stouts and also how could I resist that cute cow 2. I LOVE food. I made that burger and am pretty dang proud of it! Although, Gordon Ramsay would not be impressed, especially with my sloppy, greasy execution 3. We work in a beautiful building 4. The “blood” moon looked more like a very elevated street lamp, but my view from my window is still very “New Yorky”… yes I said that 5. We have become pretty creative with fixing up the apartment as we don’t want to buy too many things since we’re all flying out when we return home. That’s a lid container as a coffee spoon rest and command strips supporting a long rod I found in a closet to hold my curtains up. Creative or janky?  You decide, but creative sounds better on a resume.

Week 1

*blingggg* New email. “Happy hour Thursday 4:30 PM yada yada” – pause. WHAT?! We not only are doing really great stuff here, but we are being invited to really great stuff too? This must be a joke. To be honest, when I received the email asking if I’d accept or decline I truly questioned whether it was a trick. Like oh the freshly graduated research intern isn’t an adult yet, I can’t do adult things at this stage. I quickly asked a few other interns if they were going and some were so I figured they must not have been testing me as I pictured a scene from Mean Girls. Specifically, the one where Lindsay Lohan showed up in a perfectly scary Halloween costume, but it was really supposed to be the typical college “I’m basically wearing my birthday suit plus shoes” getup.

I attended happy hour with two other interns and I really had a great time experiencing life outside of the work environment with the real doctors and researchers, among others.  It wasn’t happy hour that I had experienced in college. After all, I went to Florida State University and students there honestly play their own games in their very own, unique way.  For all those who think otherwise, I’m here to say graduate happy hour is a much better experience than undergraduate happy hour. Everyone here is so welcoming and so easy to talk to. It’s almost like JDRF picked their employees based on being able to hold a conversation about a topic they disposed at random during interviews. Just a few topics of choice last night: Finding Dory and how adorable she is (this was said by a grown man by the way, definitely my kind of people), embarrassing moments while here so far (my own story is so cringe-worthy I don’t think I can muster the courage to type it and release it to the internet), and current-day playgrounds and why seesaws are no longer a thing (we all threw in our very recent, personal experiences with such playgrounds, why did someone let us all have a drink?).

I appreciate all New York has to offer. You will never, ever be bored and honestly, if you do all the work, you’ll be able to find a great place to live, which leads me to my next topic: finding a place in NY, NY while being in a completely different state with no option to come visit beforehand. I looked for about 5 months total. I did some preliminary work before I was guaranteed a position and thought “Oh, this looks easy. I can do this.” Boy, was I wrong. Remote apartment searching is a very, very tiring, aggravating, and stressful line of work. I somehow managed to search so much that I actually found the same apartment listing for different prices, one much cheaper than the other. I was able to contact the owner and he was a fantastic help, as was Mr. Batten.

Making a deposit to someone you’ve never met in regards to a place you’ve never seen is also not a fun task. Scammers are a real concern and honestly, I had an issue with some pretty crazy realtors here. The kind where I asked him to stop contacting me and I guess that struck a nerve. I received random rude emails throughout the next two weeks, but eventually blocked his threads. So Mr. Ian, if you somehow stumble upon this, please know that sticks and stones may break my bones, but your mean words and incoming messages are in my “junk” folder where they belong.

These people, places, and opportunities are truly unbelievable. The working world may seem daunting, but I truly feel like I could do anything with the support here. Today after work we have plans to go to the Magnum ice cream shop, maybe a museum, maybe some shopping, and then a play in Time Square. Living in a completely new place is taking a while for me to adjust, but I think I’m finally finding my groove.

Fridays here are great as we are all released early at 2 PM. Like children running to recess, which pleasantly ties back into the seesaw discussion. We can also wear more casual clothes and as you’d expect, jeans and sandals are much more comfortable attire than slacks and flats. You’d think everyone hated their job with how exciting Fridays are, but honestly, I can really tell how much everyone enjoys it here. And after all, everyone needs time to relax throughout the week.

I miss my home and my family, but knowing I will be returning in August with a loaded resume, great new friends, and remarkable opportunities is an amazing feeling. The rest of this week has been the sweetest type of apple, so just like a Fiji apple. I expect my weekend to go just as well and am very excited to be sharing my experience with this blog community and others.

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Alert: Diabetic Posts Pictures of Sweet(s) People and Places.. and may have eaten them too


Notice I couldn’t wait to try the Creme Brulee…If you don’t personally know me, this is exactly who I am as a person. Who knew that a picture of a bite taken out of a creme brulee dessert would ever be a good description of someone? Whoever, whatever you believe in that made me as a person did, that’s who.


* I am the one with the lovely selfie skills*